Naiomi Pitre has spent over a decade working in various high-profile corporate positions in many locations across the nation.  She has been lucky enough to have a wide range of professional experience, from being a licensed banker, an insurance agent, the executive assistant to the hotel manager at one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, and more, Naiomi brings her expertise to her writing, as well. 

     Having penned two published books in the romance/erotica/relationship genres, and produced a hit CD filled with poetry set to music, Pitre has proven to be a critics favorite.  She currently owns three successful businesses, and still spends the majority of her time doing what she does best - writing. 

     You can read more about Naiomi on her website,  She also gives expert advice on love, sex, relationships, business, money, weight loss, and more on her authority site, .  Her press company is Imoian Press, and she works with a team of master writers and editors to provide you with all of your literary needs with high impact and guaranteed results.  Visit the press company at .

     Naiomi lives in Louisiana with her husband, daughter, and three pet chinchillas.  She loves to read and watch movies in her spare time, when she isn't holding informative relationship seminars and conferences.