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Mr Singh

I am a graduate engineer and have worked in the broadcasting sector for many years and seen huge changes in the industry. I understand the broadcast chain from the microphone, through the editors, routers and transmission by antenna, satellite or over the Internet.

I am very interested in the history of science, and the work done by great scientists. I enjoy reading and studying these individuals, because they have enabled a better world for us all. Each and every scientist that discovered or created something has played a part in making the world a richer, better and more interesting place for us all. Some of these historical figures may not be commonly known, but they have enabled further discoveries that have been revolutionary. I hope you enjoy reading and learning about them as much I have.

I am also very interested about writing about the work of philanthropists and those that put others needs in front of their own. There are a number of institutes and individuals that I write about to publicise their selfless service and their love for all humanity.

Finally, I am a Sikh, which is the fifth largest religion in the world. I would like to share what it is to be a Sikh with you, and I hope that you enjoy finding out more about us and our faith.

I hope that my articles will help to both inform and entertain you.