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Misbah Sheikh

Hello, thank you for stopping by. I am Misbah Sheikh. I have been writing for HubPages and a few other online platforms, including Medium, 309Write, and The Creative Exiles, for a while now, and so far it's been a nice journey. You can find more of my work on different online writing platforms by clicking the website icon on my HubPages profile. I have made some wonderful friends on HubPages who are excellent writers and I enjoy their company as we share some similar interests.

I have a bachelor's degree in applied psychology and fine arts. I've also taken courses in makeup, personal care, psychology, first aid, and computer studies. As an intern, I worked as an assistant in a psychologist's clinic for six months.

I have written a lot of articles for Hubpages and had them moved to HP's different network sites which include Delishably, Bellattory, YouMeMindBody, Letterpile, Holidappy, RemedyGrove, PatientsLounge, and Owlcation.

I enjoy writing about history, psychology, spirituality, faith, cooking recipes, social issues, and a variety of other topics. In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry. In short, I don't have one particular niche. I write on diverse topics. I enjoy discovering new things and am always eager to learn more. I hope my readers enjoy reading my articles.

As a writer, my favorite quote is, "You don't start writing good stuff. You start writing crap and think it's good, and then you gradually get better at it. That's why I say one of the most valuable qualities is persistence." -- Octavia E. Butler.

Thanks for reading it till the end.:)