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Joe Matallanes

I'm a 42-year-old divorced dad of two boys. I have walked in all kinds of paths in my life. My paths started in high school. I had a brand in many fires, I had friends in all cliques, but I was never "part" of those cliques. This was until I found "nerds". Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Rifts, Marvel... I found my people.

After high school is where I really got to explore music. I worked at the college radio station and eventually got my own show. I mostly listened to Huey Lewis and the News and Motown and 60's mostly. This was only because this is what my mom listened to. My dad, being from Spain listened to flamenco. The DJ for the heavy metal/ alternative music show ( back then it just "alternative" not "90's alternative") quit. I never listened to that kind of music, but I wanted to be on air so I stepped up...I found my music.

I always thought of movies as long TV shows. I saw E.T. and Empire and Jedi in the theater. As well as, Raiders, Temple, and Last Crusade. Not to mention, The Neverending Story, A Christmas Story. Your basic run of the mill popular movies. Then in college, my roommate took me to go see "The Professional". This introduced me to independent, foreign, and artsy films...I found my movies. Fast forward a few years and my early 20's I have a wife a step-daughter and two boys. I love being Dad, I love doing dad things, building fires, changing tires, throwing a ball. I love telling dad jokes, the stupid "Hi, Hungry, I'm Dad" to the fart and blame their mom joke. I love " dad, can I talk to you" ..I found my purpose.

As all good things must my marriage ended. I made it 17 years, but there comes a time when two people say " Ya' know, I just don't like you very much anymore". So now my older boy lives with me ( when he's not away at school) and my younger boy lives with his mom in Georgia. I'll end this bio by quoting U2... " I still haven't found what I'm looking for"