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So you're here. Welcome.

Let me introduce myself. Patricia, Pat  for my friends. A proud mother of two, a friend.  In my spare time I work as a nurse with people with dementia and psychiatric disorders in a nursing home.Next to that I'm a so called Ergocoach and a  rescue worker

 I like to read and write and talk about the things in life and people that are important in my life. Learned a lot from life, but there's more to learn and recently I've learned a lot about true friendships.  I love to be serious but I'll also try to have a little fun. Okay, a lot of fun too.

If you have some questions, just ask :) 



and you can find me on facebook...

A bell is not a bell

until someone rings it,

a song is not a song


until someone sings it.

A hub isn't a hub

until someone writes it