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Kika Rose

Because you all know big sunglasses are sexy. Not saying they make the wearer look sexy, just saying big sunglasses are sexy. Which they are. Especially on my face. :P

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A curious passerby with nothing better to do than look at young women's profiles?

You perv.

So, my name is Kika. We'll leave it at that, mmkay? I'm 20, work a pretty bland production job (hey, it pays the bills while I go to college), and I live in Minnesota.

No, we don't all talk like we're from Canadia-land. Yes, I said Canadia-land on purpose.

I love video games and books and clothes shopping and jewelry and making jewelry and shiny things and colorful things and sparkly things and all sorts of other things.

I like things.

A lot of the stuff I write is either about personal experience, or personal knowledge. I suppose that's the same thing, but what the heck, I frankly don't care right this minute. If you can think of a good subject for me to write a hub about, I will <3 you forever. No lie. Plus, since I'm just that awesome, your hub should be up anywheres from 20 minutes to two days, depending on work and lack of self-control (I'm a procrastinator).

As far as leaving me comments and fanmail goes, it goes like this:

- I do not allow spam of any kind or sort on any of my hubs or profile, unless I can think of a DANG good reason to keep it there.
- If you think you can get away with spam, think again; my AOHell spam folder lets me know when I get comments here, and I check them instantly.
- Keep all foul language to a bare minimum, given the context of said foul language is to be interpretted as foul (meaning, if you use the word bitch to honestly mean female dog, it's okay).
- If you don't like a hub, don't whine about it. Whining gets one nowhere, especially with me. Productive/Constructive criticism is always welcome. Anything else is auto-targeted for stupidity/insanity/rudeness.

... Did I miss anything?



Any other questions, feel free to attempt messaging me. I'm currently going to school for medical assisting and attempting to panhandle family members for rent money. I moved out of St. Paul, by the way. So now I'm in Osseo. Whoo!