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John Chancellor

I am a mentor and coach. I have over 40 years of experience helping owners of small businesses. I believe that the greatest growth can be achieved by being totally clear about your goals and taking focused action.

I am committed to lifelong learning. I generally spend 1-2 hours per day on self-education and self-improvement. I believe there are two vital keys to business. The first is marketing and the second is developing the correct team. Of course, overriding both is the mindset of the entrepreneur.

I publish a weekly blog called Lessons in Life. The purpose is to show how the small things we do in life have such a significant impact on our quality of life. I think the little things add up to make our life either grand or miserable. By paying attention to the little Lessons in Life, we can change our life. If interested, you can find more at

I am also committed to helping highly driven entrepreneurs find ways to significantly increase their business. I only work with owners who are willing to make the changes necessary to accelerate their growth both personally and for their business. You can learn more about my services at