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Jessica Murphy-Doyle

My name is Jessica, I'm 37 years old, willing to share my life and experiences with the world!

I'm a cis partner to a transgender man who also lives in Ireland, where we are currently in the process of a spousal visa so I can relocate and join him this year. Our story and our experiences, as well as our process, we'd love to share for entertainment, to advocate and spread knowledge/awareness to the transgender community, as well as providing support to others and expressing/showing the differences in love and relationships.

As an American in my late 30's, my children almost adults, I've the chance to start the second half of my life for ME and have decided to leave the USA to spend the rest of my life with my partner in Ireland. This experience and process would be great for any romantic, avid traveler, or anyone going through the same or similiar situations and looking for information, advice, support.

As of today, I'm currently one week post-op after receiving Gastric Bypass surgery. I'm open and happy to share my experiences, process, as well as offering support or advice to others in the same or similar situation, as well as those considering weight loss surgery.

I am an avid advocate and member of the exotic pet community. I have two bearded dragons that I love to dress up and have photoshoots, who have their very own Instagram account, and in the process of opening a specialized online shop for others like me! Not only do I love to express love for my reptiles and the exotic pet community, and play dress up with dragons, I also share the knowledge about owning exotic pets and spread awareness on them and that they aren't all slithery and slimy, but could actually end up to be YOUR next family pet!

Lastly, I'm a self taught, very amateur, special effects makeup artist. I'd love to share my own work, spread the knowledge and awareness on how cool "alternative" makeup actually and how fun and easy it is for everyone to try!