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I love to work out.  I enjoy Pilates and walk at least 3 miles a day.  While it is important to stay healthy and fit, I have learned that a balanced diet and exercise are the best ways to stay in shape.

With a father who is a quadriplegic, I was inspired to learn as much as possible about nutrition and exercise for the disabled and the elderly.  Along the way I spent time with physical and occupational therapists.

Today I work with people who are disabled, elderly, and some younger children teaching them how to eat properly and enjoy exercise.

I have been offered jobs as a life coach, whatever that is, but I firmly believe that we are our own coaches and we must assume responsibility for our actions or inaction.  Common sense, listening to our bodies and following that little voice in our heads, is the key to good health and a successful life.

I try to live by my mother's favorite saying, "Have the courage to face your truth.  Then, live it."

Now a contributor to Life's Little Survival Guide, addressing relationship issues.