J.D. is a creative writer with a passion for writing screenplays and film making. He graduated from CSU Sacramento in Dec 2008 with a Bachelor's in English and a focus in creative writing. He has written several unpublished short stories, many poems and screenplays - both short and feature length. Many road blocks have impeded his creative vision:

Aug 23, 2011 - He was diagnosed with cancer. He had two surgeries and was on chemotherapy for almost six months. He is still recovering and spent that time focusing more on his writing. 

Aug 20, 2012 - He was rear ended on the freeway. Unfortunately, his favorite car (2002 Mazda Millenia) was totalled and his film that he was working on at the time was sabotaged by the actors he hired several days later. Fortunately, he walked away with some back pain and his life.

In the big scheme of things, all is much better now. He is now getting back into his first love - film. 

Politically, he is very socially liberal and indentifies most with Libertarian ideas. After years of soul searching in his younger days, J.D. identifies most with atheism, but has his own thoughts on spiritualty and existentialism; some of which can be seen in his poetry and other writings.

On his HubPages, you will see poetry and short stories with a lot of experimentation, a few short stories, various articles, maybe film/movie reviews and related writings. He plans to self publish a book of his work sometime in late 2013.

J.D. is always happy to have people read his work, and then question, comment, critique, interpret, cite or praise it. Please don't be afraid to follow if you like (or even don't like) what you read. Thanks. 

Update 8/19/2013 - as of August 2013, J.D. has finished a short film, "Evelyn," which he wrote, directed and edited. More information can be found at Thanks! :)