Hello world,

I'm a creative, a self-dubbed writer (aren't we all?). I hate sleeping with socks on and organize my books by height. What more is there to know? If there were a career for someone who specializes in reading, I would have the highest qualifications. Nature is my surrogate mother and tea is my paramour. I think freedom should be of greater importance than legislation and privacy than security (anyone else tired of distant big wigs constructing/constricting the boundaries of their life?) I think the arts and music should be bedrocks of our culture and that in the pursuit of feminine rights we should be more careful to not strip men of their rights. But above all, I want barefootism to be the philosophy of my life. Hello South America!


Measure of Madness

Everyone has a measure of madness within,

some quixotic sip of mania to lead them

A touch of the insane 

A brush of psycho 

A whisper of lunatic —

an inner voice rumoring ghosts in the daylight


No one is safe


All are infected


- Me