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Esther Neptune

Esther has been a professional psychic reader since early 2013. When she started this new career, she was also working as a pharmacist.

In April 2017, Esther followed her instinct and decided to pursue a psychic reading career full-time.

Esther has had a lifelong passion for health and healing that led her to her first career in healthcare. She continues that passion under the surface of her psychic abilities. Although she can not formally give you a diagnosis along with your reading, she is more than happy to contribute her insights in the form of spiritual guidance, which in her opinion, helps to heal the person in body, mind, and spirit.

Esther is knowledgeable in many holistic therapies. She used essential oils, herbs, and supplements to heal herself from a devastating illness in 2016, that placed her on an organ transplant list. Ultimately, she did not need the prescribed transplant.

Esther could have accepted the diagnosis given to her at that time and remained on prescription drugs. From her knowledge as a pharmacist, she knew these drugs had dangerous side effects. She opted not to continue therapy with immunosuppressants, despite her working diagnosis of H63D hemochromatosis and autoimmune hepatitis. The latter condition requires lifelong therapy with corticosteroids and/or immunosuppressants.

Although her healthcare providers were initially concerned about Esther's approach, they ultimately supported her decision with enthusiasm, knowing the transformation she was about to realize.

In the future, Esther plans to utilize the vast amount of knowledge she possesses in whatever way she is called to serve. She looks to find a position where she can procure physical healing along with her spiritual message.