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Hi..there? How are you doing? I hope all is fine.

I am Emmy Boy. I am just your regular writer, humorist, blogger and hubber.

I have written a couple of books which the prime amongst them is a romantic thriller I tiitled Ify. You can view it here with this link:

I really love this whole fantastic idea of writing down my inner thoughts so that the good people from all over the world will come and read them.

Sometimes I may sound funny, sometimes i might sound crazy and some other times i may become Mr. Serious when I really want to dish out some good advice...

I have so many interests and I don't know if one lifetime will be enough to fulfil all of them.

I so much enjoy telling all sorts of stories, most especially crazy and funny stories and I so much enjoy entertaining people with such stories.

You can see for yourself how funny and crazy I can become when you check out my blog at where I run my own brand of entertainment show non stop.

I also run another blog at where I give some valuable advices to students.

Don't be flabbergasted if you find me flipfloppin' because it's all part of the game...

But One thing I am promising you my dearest reader is that I am going to make my writings worthwhile so that you will enjoy them...always!

Because everything I hope to do here, I will make sure it Is going to be all about you!

Yours truly.