Who is Audarah?

The answer to that isn't simple. In fact, it's quite complex.

I am a Pennsylvania native; born and raised. I aspire to change this in years soon to come.

I have an Associates Degree in Pre Law ( Paralegalism) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and have written and published poetry. I am currently working on my first novel and am ecstatic about not only the concept, but the unleashing of my inner creativity. 

I'm a Mother to three children, two of whom are disabled.

I very recently crawled out of the depths of disability myself, having been once medically devastated by the gravely misunderstood Lyme Disease.

Through all of my life's adversities, large and small, I have strived to stay alive with spirit and make the most out of any unfortunate situation. I have managed to keep my head above water for a decade now undertaking the duly noted stresses I call my life- and have done a good job.

Considering all of the unpleasurables my life has spewn at me, I am quite passionate about several different faucets. 

Regardless of my shortcomings in life, duly handed out to me through no fault of my own, I decided long ago I had two options: a.) either crumble under my own adversities and fall into a silent abyss of nothingness and depression or

b.) excel in which ever possible direction I could with whatever I had to work with at the time.

I chose B. I give full credit to my humor for bringing me as far as it has in life. There are countless scenarios I have had to deal with in which numerous people have said: "If I were you, I would have gone off the deep end a long time ago". That isn't my style. My spirit, humor and desire to be happy encompasses all that I am.


I don't know how I do it. I just do.