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John Lannoye

Thanks for checking out my articles (Hubs). I pretty much love anything that has to do with psychology, aviation and space. My background is in health and wellness. I've written books and some of my work has appeared in nationally syndicated magazines and newspapers.

You will likely also see some articles on people, places and things related to popular culture. Look for psychology, counseling so and spirituality material as well.

What else can I tell you? I am a basic, down to earth guy that likes the outdoors, strength training, travel and nature.

For Ha Has, I earned a PhD in Psychology a few year ago. I also have a MBA. When I am not writing, I am at the gym or doing something outside (I love the beach!). I teach college courses in business and psychology at the graduate and undergraduate level. Oh yeah - I'm also a licensed therapist.

Please be sure to Follow me on Facebook. You can visit my website by clicking on the house icon in the social media display.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Peace out!