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Fierce Manson

I have been writing online for nearly 5 years now, and enjoy writing on topics of Spirituality, health, travel, insurance, and veggie meal plans. I currently have a B.A. in Organizational Management, and M.A.Education. I love being a freelance writer. I love teaching others how to earn an income from home.

I have created a curriculum for Adult Learners on teaching them the basic tools needed to begin a career in writing to earn. I recently decided to publish my doctoral journey here on hubpages. I was trying to figure out what works best for me to stay organized while collecting, researching, and writing papers.....hubpages is my solution!

I figured this way everything will be in one place, and HP will be my go to place if I need to refer back to a paper that was written for a class to find information while writing for a current course.

I have been working online for 5 years, and hubpages still remains to be the #1 place for earning online. I love the community of writers here on hubpages, and continue to find it to be a place of warm friendly, and helpful writers.

I am also an Evangelist, and operate Abundant Waters Ministries, Inc. which is in the process of spearheading The SafePlace Housing Program for homeless women. The SafePlace will be a 24 month program to include an Employment Initiative, Life Skills Initiative, and The Education Initiative to help women rebuild their lives.

Happy Writing!